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"Leader Film" was established at the beginning of 1992. We started by making promotional films for the biggest Polish companies and municipalities, however over time we have become involved in in the production of documentaries and educational films. The results of this were two medical films "Stepping out of the Shadow" and "The Passing" as well as two historical films "The Nowogródek of Adam Mickiewicz" and "Rejtan- a Land Written with History". All our films are made using the professional B-cam system, and meet the highest quality standards allowing them to be shown on public television.

If you are planning to make a promotional, training or educational film or a documentary or a CD multimedia presentation for your firm, institution, company, cultural or research institute, as well as for your municipal centre, we are at your disposal. We can also record and store your films on DVD system records. All terms and conditions of production are negotiated with you at your convenience. Likewise we consult you on all film production stages as the production continues. Thus you have full control over the film`s creation.

"Leader Film" cooperates with experienced journalists, camera operators, and readers (both Polish and foreign) as well as TV editors with years of hands-on experience, and unquestionable professional achievements.



Wszelkie treści, zdjęcia, fragmenty filmów, etc. zamieszczone w tym portalu są chronione prawami autorskimi. Ich wykorzystanie w jakiejkowiek formie wymaga pisemnej zgody autora.

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